Work In Progress-March, 2015

Here’s a test trailer we’re working on for UFA MAN. Bravo to everyone who has contributed their valuable time and imagination! We’ve travelled the world to capture what you see before you but still have a long way to go. You, too can play a vital role in helping us complete this project. Stay tuned for more information in the days ahead…UFA MAN needs you! 

1 Comment

  1. Thank you, dear Mark. The sound mix needs some polishing, but otherwise this is already looking really good. Here is a suggestion – concentrate less on the anumated sculptures etc, and bring in the opening of the suitcase early on. And where are you? You are the detective who is going to be the anchor man in this film noir detective story. Or don’ you want to be that?

    I hope we can meet when you are here, I am really sorry to miss the show at the Babylon!

    Best Martin


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