Are modern audiences ready for Genuine?

Watch the new trailer for the Oliver-Film Ensemble’s upcoming live performance of this forgotten jewel of German expressionism! Stay tuned for more details…



Genuine StillHans Heinrich von Twardowski and Fern Andra


Film poster for the Marmorhaus, one of David Oliver’s many Berlin cinemas. 

Genuine is a 1920 silent film directed by Robert Wiene. The unsuccessful follow-up to Wiene’s groundbreaking The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, the film stars the mysterious American actress Fern Andra in the title role as the love slave of a depraved aristocrat. With its weird sets and bizarre costumes, Genuine is a remarkable document from a lost era in film making. Produced by Erik Pommer, Rudolf Meinert, David Oliver for Decla 1920. Music by Mark Oliver. Musicians: Kozue Matsumoto: koto, Vi-An Diep: zheng, Mark Oliver: percussion, bass, electronic strings. Produced by Paul Ruskay at Studio X-Labs, Vancouver

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