The Oliver-Film Contest-1916

An interesting article from The Moving Picture World, April 1916

Who knew there was interactive cinema in 1916? David Oliver’s Berlin film company reaches out to anyone with an original idea for a movie. The contest is unfortunately closed…for now anyways!

Top right column

Moving Picture World_April 1016_Oliver Film Contest.png

“Prompted by the idea of raising the standard of films and also with a view towards encouraging the talent in young German writers, the Oliver Film Company has inaugurated a film idea contest.  All ideas received up to the 29th of February, 1916, and which are produced in film during the current year will be paid for upon acceptance with 300 marks. The film must not exceed 1,000 meters and should preferably be divided into three acts, although this last stipulation is not exacting. Books on the rental of these films will be kept and the author whose film will register the highest returns will be rewarded with a prize of 1,500 Marks, the second and third highest with respectively 1,000 Marks and 500 Marks…”

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