A Request for Freedom

The career of my grandfather is shrouded in mystery; no aspect more so than that of his time within the British film world of the late 1930’s at Denham Film Laboratories.

All of my previous attempts to discover the facts proved utterly useless. Apart from an obscure reference to David Oliver’s business relationship with Sir Alexander Korda in Rachel Low’s Film Making in 1930’s Britain-(Harper Collins 1985) there is no proof of David Oliver’s involvement in the British cinema. Only after a random search for details of his U.K. naturalization did I accidentally stumble upon a secret dossier within the British government’s archives. Marked “dangerous to relatives and other living persons” the files are over 300 pages long and were sealed on Jan 1st, 1954… not to be opened for 100 years.

What I have discovered is beyond belief.



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  1. Dear Mark,

    that is a powerful piece of film indeed, the best you made in this story so far, if I may say so. Nevertheless it remains a mystery to me who and why wanted him out of the way so much that this happened. I hope you will find the answer!

    Best Martin



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