The Story of Ibérica Films

Ibérica_Oliver LetterA group of Jewish film professionals flee Nazi Germany for a new life in Spain. Determined to continue with their careers, David Oliver and director cum theatre manager Kurt-Louis Flatau form “Ibérica Films” in Barcelona, 1934. The expertise they bring with them will leave an indelible mark on Spanish Cinema.

Poderoso PosterIberica Envelope_2014

Raquel Rodrigo, star of "Doña Francisquita"
Raquel Rodrigo, star of “Doña Francisquita”

On set_Doña Francisquita_small
A production still from the Ibérica Films production Doña Francisquita (1935). My grandmother (and production chief) Edith Oliver sits in the foreground . Having to work on shoestring budgets forced Ibérica Films to operate very much as a family affair. Directly behind her stands the film’s director, Hans Behrendt. Both are dressed in the ubiquitous UFA work uniform…a white lab coat. 

Una Semana de Felicidad PosterDoña Francisquita Posteraventura-oriental-movie-poster-1935-1020206759


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